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certificate of merit-752x501The CPF-MB Certificate of Merit serves to appreciate the endeavours of the students. It is a tangible acquisition to student portfolios as it acknowledges the achievements of:

  • High school graduates with 7 – 13 French Immersion credits.
  • High school graduates who have continued their French: Communication and Culture studies through Grades 12.


Personalized CPF-MB Certificates of Merit (en français and hard copy only) will be printed and mailed to Grade 12 graduates as requested, or to schools prior to graduation, and upon provision of:

  • The name of the student(s).
  • The home address of the student(s)
  • The name of the school from which the student(s) will graduate.
  • The date the student(s) will graduate.
  • Evidence of the achievement of the student(s) i.e. documentation signed by the respective school Principal(s) confirming the acquisition of 7 to 13 French Immersion credits, or completion of Grade 12 French: Communication and Culture.



To order personalized certificates, please contact Janet via email at:
[email protected]
or call 1-204-222-6537 or 1-877-737-7036 (toll free)

*This initiative is funded by Manitoba Education and Learning and Canadian Heritage, through the French-Second-Language Revitalization Fund.

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