Math and English-Language Skills

///Math and English-Language Skills
Math and English-Language Skills2014-09-25T19:35:07-04:00

Parents want to make the best educational choices for their children. Many would like their children to have the advantages of learning both of Canada’s official languages through Canada’s internationally renowned French immersion programs, but they have some important questions:

  • Will my child develop strong English-language skills in a French immersion program?
  • Will my child be taught the same math skills as students in the regular English program?
  • Will my child understand math courses taught in French?

Researchers have studied these issues since French immersion programs were introduced in the early 1970s. This pamphlet will help answer your questions about French immersion by providing some information from research studies and the results of a number of provincial student assessments.

Download the pamphlet for free today, or order a hard copy from the CPF National Office (free for CPF members!)

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