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Histoire en direct – MB TV – History in Prime Time is a bilingual booklet depicting important historical events that have shaped the Province of Manitoba. Illustrated by local artist Gérald Laroche, this booklet is full of interesting information and is pedagogically valuable to basic French and French Immersion students in Grades 4 to 8.

The package also contains a DVD dramatization of these important historical events. See synopsis below:

When David and Natalie, two TV obsessed French Immersion students, are forced to do their homework on the history of Manitoba, their imaginations take them to an exciting new world where Voyageurs create reality alliances; Louis Riel is convicted in a televised court show, and game show contestants must guess the costs of bilingualism. This humorous tale about the history of Manitoba will capture students’ attention while showing them the importance of French within Manitoba. They will enjoy it so much they will learn without even realizing it!

Copies of the booklet have been distributed to every school in Manitoba. More copies can be ordered through CPF-MB. The costs are as follows:

Number of Booklets:

Cost per Booklet:

10 or less


11 – 30


31 – 40


41 – 50


50 +


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