CPF Advocacy Toolkit for Parent Advocates

///CPF Advocacy Toolkit for Parent Advocates
CPF Advocacy Toolkit for Parent Advocates2018-10-26T15:54:21-04:00

Coming soon!

The CPF Advocacy Toolkit will feature:

  • Online resource available to everyone
  • Series of documents, templates and guides that allow you to take advocacy in to your own hands
  • Existing documents from CPF National
  • Existing documents from other provinces
  • Learning from outreach and advocacy work done in the past by CPF

The CPF Advocacy Toolkit will:

  • Give beginners a good framework for how to conduct advocacy work
  • Give experts some new tips and tools
  • Make templates available
  • Avoid having to reinvent the wheel – it’s important to share tactics and ideas that have worked in other regions
  • Help us to get what we want!

The Toolkit will be an evolving resource. CPF is currently developing new pages and documents that will be added in the future. We are also aware that this resource must be adaptable to changes in our membership and issues faced within our many chapters — feel free to contact us with your feedback!

Until the toolkit is complete, we invite you to check out CPF-BC’s toolkit to assist with advocacy in your community, or see our Key Principles of Advocacy for some quick help.

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