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Over 26,000 Canadians are members of CPF.

Why Join?

  • Parents join CPF so that they can learn how best to support their children in their learning of French.
  • Educators join CPF to access research based information to support teaching strategies.
  • Organizations and Businesses join CPF to demonstrate their support of French-second-language (FSL) learning and to promote their services and products.

Special publications and enhanced FSL information are among the resources that are available only to members. Members also receive discounts and special offers.

By Becoming a Member You….

  • Send elected officials, governments and those that make decisions concerning education, the important message that you support FSL education.
  • Support the efforts of CPF volunteers in your local community, who work to provide opportunities for children to learn and use French, and promote the benefits of learning both of Canada’s official languages.

As a Member, You Can …

  • Access FSL information and research, and influence topics for new studies.
  • Become involved in giving children the advantage of learning French in school.
  • Join other parents in providing opportunities for children to use French outside the classroom.
  • Take an active and rewarding role in supporting FSL education.
  • Network with parents and educators at provincial conferences, seminars and online discussion forums.

To see the full list of membership benefits and special member discounts, see CPF National’s Membership Benefits page.

Join CPF and and make a difference to your children’s future! If you would like to become a member, please fill out our membership form below, or join online.

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