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The French for Life Poster Campaign

The French For Life Poster Campaign is an initiative to assist young Manitobans to better understand the benefits of continuing their French studies. Students were invited to complete the slogan “I Choose French for MY Life Because….”. Six slogans were selected and the authors were invited to act as French for Life Ambassadors. And there’s more!

The French for Life Poster Campaign ambassadors were professionally photographed and artistically integrated into the poster that bears their slogan. These posters were distributed to every school in Manitoba.

FFL Poster Campaign_Diversity (English)     FFL Poster Campaign_Diversity (Français)
FFL Poster Campaign_Cool (English) FFL Poster Campaign_Cool (Français)

FFL Poster Campaign_Understand (English) FFL Poster Campaign_Cool (Français)

FFL Poster Campaign_Opportunities (English) FFL Poster Campaign_Opportunities (Français)

FFL Poster Campaign_Love (English)     FFL Poster Campaign_Love (Français)

FFL Poster Campaign_Leader (English)     FFL Poster Campaign_Leader (Français)

CPF National Campaigns

Contact CPF staff to request the campaign materials below, or check out our Resource Order Form.

I want my child to be…

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) was pleased to launch a new pamphlet on the benefits of learning French as a second language through Canada’s world renowned French immersion program.

Our objective was to increase public awareness of the cognitive and academic benefits of second-language learning and official-language bilingualism. In addition to growth in student enrollment in FSL programs and in our membership numbers since our beginnings in 1977, CPF has gained credibility for members-primarily parents-and continues to be an active voice in the promotion and creation of French-second-language learning opportunities for young Canadians.

CPF launched a public awareness campaign targeted at parents with young children, which included advertisements in popular parent magazines Today’s Parent, Canadian Living, Canadian Family, Our Children, Glowmagazine, and Interaction.

CPF Because Campaign

I’m Learning French Because… and I’m Staying in French Because…

The “Because” campaign promotes French as a second language to three different age groups and learning levels.

I’m Teaching Campaign

CPF is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French-second-language learning opportunities for young Canadians. Students, teachers and parents have all benefited from the support that CPF offers. Now CPF would like to show you another great opportunity that is available to you if you have excellent skills in oral and written French.

If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, or if you’re already in a teacher education program but haven’t chosen a specific subject to teach, then consider this – teaching French as a Second Language (FSL). The number of FSL teachers in Canada has grown considerably over the last five years, and the demand for FSL teachers continues to increase every year. The Federal Government’s continuing commitment to improving the quality and amount of second-language education, teaching FSL at the elementary and high school levels remains a top priority. Here’s more good news – depending on your province and the university you plan to attend, you may be eligible for increased grant funding and bursaries if you are studying to be an FSL teacher! Check with your provincial Student Assistance Programs and University Student Awards and Financial Aid Departments to see if you qualify.

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