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CPF-MB organizes travelling workshops/events to bring activities to French Immersion and French: Communication & Culture students to motivate them and to create relevant opportunities for them to use and expand their French language skills.

Tours are made available to schools that are  affiliated with a Chapter and school with a CPF membership.

This Fall 2018, the Cultural Tour is set on a day of music, storytelling, cartooning and adventure with Gérald Laroche. The tour will consist of:

  • One (1) storytelling performance for students in Kindergarten to grade 6 (French Immersion and French: Communication and Culture)
  • Two (2) cartooning workshops for French Immersion students in grades 5 and up.

Please e-mail [email protected] or call 1-204-222-6537, or 1877-737-7036 (toll free) to register for the 2018 Fall Cultural Tour.

CPF-MB Fall 2018 Cultural Tour



Last year’s Cultural Tour featured “TiBert le Voyageur”. 

Rob Malo is a French-Canadian Métis performer and educator. using storytelling, music, props and digital graphic novels, to delight students and teachers as TiBert le Voyageur.

students participated in workshops and performances, with storytelling, music, props and over 100 artifacts from the fur trade era to touch, feel and explore

CPF-MB Fall 2017 Cultural Tour

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