Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours 2017-05-30T04:15:20-04:00

CPF-MB organizes travelling workshops/events to bring activities to French Immersion and French: Communication & Culture students to motivate them and to create relevant opportunities for them to use and expand their French language skills.

Tours are made available to schools that are affiliated with a Chapter and are organized for students of Kindergarten-Grade 4 and Grade 5-8. They impact on a large number of students, mainly in rural and northern communities.

In the school year 2016/2017, Greg Samatz will introduce students to a French tradition that explores different rhythms through the musical median of spoons!

Students are providedspoon percussions with spoons and participate in interactive activities that are directed “en français”. Throughout the workshop, students are encouraged to have fun and enjoy being creative in a relaxed environment. Far from the traditional, students then go on to play tunes that young people are familiar with and that are age-appropriate.

Greg is an accomplished musician and a former French Immersion teacher and principal. With this wealth of experience, he is proficient in adapting his workshops to suit both French Immersion and French: Communication & Culture students, in Grades 4 to 12.

Last year’s Cultural Tour featured an interactive journey of discovery of the “francophony”. The workshop included singing and dancing, exposure to Franco-African musicas and even cooking and tasting.

The 2015 Cultural was facilitated by After School Program in French.

 Description of the workshop